Aluminum railings are famous for decks because they are strong and look nice. However, this option has a few downsides, so it’s usually a good choice. Aluminum railings are solid, affordable, and easy to keep clean. Aluminum picket railings can be mounted either to the fascia (side mount) or to the top of the deck (top mount). As a result, they are ideal for small balconies and vinyl decks where waterproofing is essential. Aluminum railings are typically a narrow picket style and are available prefabricated or custom-built.

Why Aluminum Railings


Prefabricated aluminum railings are perfect for do-it-yourselfers. The prices for these brackets vary depending on the hardware store, but they can range from $40 to $90 per linear foot. Prefab balustrades are suitable for standard-size decks. They may not be as popular as other types of rails, but they do require some technical know-how and time to install


Custom aluminum handrails are made to order. The deck, stairs, and any areas that need railing are measured. They are produced in two to three weeks and come in customer-choice colors. When installed by experts, aluminum railings can cost $65 to $160 per linear foot. Custom railings come with various designs that you can personalize for a small extra cost. You can get creative and choose designs that best suit your needs for $5-$10 per linear foot. Additional pickets will cost you a bit more than standard pickets. Twisted pickets are especially expensive, and thickened pickets are also more costly than classic pickets

Published on:
Aug 7, 2022
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