We ensure that our handrails offer safety and mobility, especially for children and the elderly.


Grip or grab them; handrails will always support you. Nicevan Constructions ensures that our handrails in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and surrounding areas offer safety and mobility, especially for children and the elderly. We manufacture and install handrails that provide stability, balance, and ease of movement. Be it in bathtubs to avoid slipping or staircases to avoid falling, our handrails boast complete sturdiness, giving you comfort and peace of mind. Add to this, when you choose handrails from Nicevan Constructions, you improve the visual appeal of your property- especially with our range of available custom designs to choose from! 

When there are steep driveways, garden paths, staircases, steps, or slopes around your home or commercial project, handrails become a necessity. With Nicevan’s exterior handrails in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and surrounding areas, you get rails designed to make moving around safe, bearing in mind that the rail’s appearance syncs seamlessly with your surroundings.

Our handrails can be colored, curved, and shaped to suit every use. Their finesse gives your outdoor space a high-end look you are looking for. Like all other railings, the components of Nicevan’s handrails are also fabricated in-house to ensure consistent, high-quality execution. To arrange a free consultation and quotation for your handrail requirements, call us today.

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