Enhance Indoor Environments with Balcony Glass Railing

The environments with glazing and balcony glass railing have been increasingly explored in projects, both residential and corporate. This is because the use of glass, both indoors and outdoors, offers a number of advantages.

The glazing has an innovative design and makes a great visual impact. In addition, its maintenance is very simple! Do you want to know more advantages of glazing environments? Keep reading our article.


In addition to ensuring more security, glazing is essential for those who want to make better use of the available area. In addition, glass protects the environment from rain, wind, dust, pollution, among others.

See more advantages of glazing:

  • Greater comfort and safety;
  • Does not interfere with the facade of the building;
  • Reduces external noise;
  • Protection against rain, dust and wind;
  • It adds sophistication to the project, valuing the property;
  • Expand environments;
  • System with partial or total opening of the windows – with easy ventilation control;
  • Modern and practical system, both for cleaning and handling;
  • Lock – high safety for children.


The glazing of environments can be used on balconies, balconies and other environments, as it is easy to adapt, being a perfect solution. Versatile, glass has become one of the main elements of a work, as it offers the best cost-benefit.

In addition to providing sophistication, lightness to environments and bold design, glass, due to its transparency combined with the safety of application. It can be used for various installations in glazing environments, such as windows, balconies, glass curtains, partitions, among others. In addition, the glazing can be done using tempered or other safety glass, with availability of several colors.

Porches and balcony glass railing has been on the rise for a while. This is because they are the best option for residential and corporate projects; after all, the use of glass offers a number of advantages. With an innovative design and a jaw-dropping finish, the glass coating makes an impressive visual impact. In addition, it is worth mentioning that its maintenance is very simple!


If you want to upgrade the look of your apartment and, at the same time, improve its comfort, luminosity and, at the same time, guarantee a more modern and sophisticated environment, perhaps the balcony glass railing, is the ideal solution for you.

It is very important to emphasize that the follow-up of an experienced and licensed professional, such as Nicevan Construction, is necessary. After all, legal documents must be generated for the start of the work.

Not all glaziers work with the balcony glass railing. In this way, the value of these professional installations is superior to other installations with glass. However, the investment is well worth it for the factors we have listed below.

Learn about the advantages of balcony glass railing:

  • Valuation of the property;
  • Control of the ventilation of the environment;
  • Protection against the harmful rays of the sun (optional);
  • Protection against excessive wind;
  • Ease of cleaning the windows;
  • Acoustic control with reduction of external noise;
  • Temperature control, reducing air conditioning costs;
  • Complete sealing against rain in the balcony area;
  • Increase in the usable area of the property.

Did you know that investing in a balcony glass railing can be an excellent idea to make the environment more sophisticated? In addition, this type of structure guarantees a feeling of greater space and makes the view of the place even more interesting.

Despite so many benefits, many people are still unsure about installing a glass railing because of safety, mainly in homes where the older people, children and animals live. However, this concern is unnecessary because with some care, it is possible to achieve the maximum in beauty and safety at the same time.

Want to know more about the safety of balcony glass railing? Learn some tips on how to use the glass railing safely.


This is the main safety tip for anyone who wants to install a railing on the balcony because the structure can be considered a collective protection equipment. This, in turn, serves to keep people safe in high or elevated areas. Also called a parapet, the guardrail prevents accidents and falls, but for this to actually occur, it is essential that it is made with quality material.

Nicevan Construction offers guardrails made with the best quality materials, with automotive silicone sealing and all the necessary security for your family.

Pay attention to safety standards

Always check that the guardrail complies with the established safety standards. This standard is responsible for indicating which materials should be used for guardrails and how the installations should be carried out. This installation must aim to guarantee maximum protection. It is worth noting, however, that when you hire our service, you don’t have to worry about any of this. We are within all the rules.

Choose a safe height

For the glass railing and safety to be allies, it is essential to choose the ideal height, which is at least one meter for circulation areas. Our technicians are knowledgeable about these safety measures, indicating the best time to install the guardrail.

Don’t forget to do maintenance!

The best way to preserve and conserve this glass structure, ensuring its integrity and safety, is through maintenance. In this sense, it is a good opinion that the cleaning of balcony glass railing is always up to date, as well as possible periodic maintenance. It is worth remembering that it may also be necessary to carry out the revitalization of the guardrail.

You have just learned about glazing of indoor environment and benefits of balcony glass railing. It is really very extensive and useable in any type of building, property or condominium. Investing in a balcony glass railing is betting on an element that is always on the rise, does not become outdated and can still withstand a lot for generations to come.

However, it is important to choose a reliable and credible company for indoor glazing, and we can help you with the best cost-benefit!

Nicevan Construction offers several possibilities and solutions upon customer demand. Each project is unique and has unique needs. We offer modern, sophisticated and innovative projects. Check out the sample projects at our website and contact us via filling our ‘Contact Us form or call us at +1 (778) 863 -6060.

Published on:
Aug 31, 2022
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