To provide beauty, lightness and safety to environments, the staircase with frameless glass railing is an alternative for differentiated projects. With fashionable design, this type of stairs has the power to become the main element of a room decoration. It promotes the safety of the users, printing a unique signature to any architectural project.

Anyone who appreciates glass architecture knows the value that glass adds to any structure in which it is used. Its crystalline appearance pleases the eye, aesthetically enhances the place and manages to adapt to different decorative styles. In addition, its unique characteristics transform it into an element that offers practicality and functionality.

In civil construction, the use of glass for the elaboration of structural elements is increasingly widespread. We can see this on bridges, walls, pools, beams, roofs, roofs… and stairs would be no different. The frameless glass railing stands out for its innovative appearance, but it is important to note that it is a durable, reliable and highly resistant structure.


Balcony glazing with frameless glass railing has shown considerable growth in recent years. Particularly, mainly modern constructions have derived it a lot which value the good use of spaces. Bet on large balconies with frameless glass railing by Nicevan Construction to ensure larger areas of social interaction.

Closing the balcony with glass promotes several benefits for a residence. In short, with balcony glazing it is possible to protect the environment against extreme weather and noise, expand it and make it more airy and bright, all with great safety, innovation and modernity.

It is worth remembering that, in this case, the expansion of the environment is not just visual. In fact, the structure legally increases the social footage of the internal area of ​​the property, whether house or apartment. This fact can generate extra costs, such as increased taxes and dispatch of new documentation, for example.

On the other hand, we emphasize that the glazing of the balcony does not require authorization from the city hall. The glass, despite being discreet, promotes the highlight of the balcony or veranda, regardless of the size of the area. These particularities, in addition to ensuring the comfort of users, interact positively with the added value of the property.

Despite not requiring approval, the balcony frameless glass railing must be supervised by a duly qualified technician. This documentation is under the responsibility of the company that will provide the structure.

It is important to emphasize that, in order to guarantee all the benefits of glazing balconies, it is essential to hire serious and specialized companies in the segment for example, Nicevan Construction. They are committed to the quality of your project. Reputable companies will also adapt the entire work within CCBFC – regulatory standards in force.

After all, it is extremely important to observe the regulatory standards for balcony glazing, as the indiscriminate use of glass in these structures can harm the entire project. It may promote an increase in ambient temperature, or offer physical risks to users and passers-by, for example.


CCBFC, defines the types of glass, systems and requirements that must be used in the glazing of the balcony. The indications observe technical aspects and guarantee the good use of the structure and the safety of people. Below are some considerations:

– Glass for Balcony Glazing

The glass model indicated by the standard must withstand wind pressure according to the criteria established for each region of Canada. Therefore, to close balconies, use:

– Laminated and tempered glass in accordance with Part 4 of the BC Building Co;

Both are classified as safety glass. Furthermore, section 9.8 guidelines provide the details about thickness of the glass to use in the project.

To provide more comfort to your space, you can opt for solar control glasses. They are models to block a portion of the heat of sun without reducing the passage of light between spaces.


The solar control glasses are most suitable to close balconies where there is a great presence of solar rays. The difference is easily noticeable, as the internal temperature of the environments can reduce by up to 70% when compared to other types of glass, even on very hot days.

In addition, thermal comfort glass is perfect for closing facades in buildings in countries like ours, which contain regions with high temperatures and regions where temperatures are lower, as it will offer the same effectiveness in any region.


The user can define the type of opening of his balcony, which can be sliding, pivoting or mixed. The closing of the balcony is most suitable over a guardrail or from floor to ceiling, with the glass plates fixed on the outside of the wall or in front of the guardrail.

In the case of glass enclosures on the railing, it is necessary to pay attention to some details:

– All changes made to the railing for the project must comply with CCBFC, tested without the installation of glazing.

– The balcony glazing system, when installed over the frameless glass railing, must comply with CCBFC standards, verified in the test of the entire set.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the entire system is subject to resistance tests that analyze the level of corrosion, wind pressure, impact and repetitive stress. Note that the glazing of the facade in an apartment, must follow the possible rules imposed by the condominium to establish standards.

Finally, we emphasize that, in addition to taking all the care in choosing the team and respecting CCBFC standards, it is essential that the user performs maintenance on the balcony glazing regularly. Maintenance will ensure the proper functioning of the structure. It will prevent glass sheets from breaking and will show possible replacement of parts.

For this step, it is also important to have a reputable company that knows how to make glazing of balconies, because it is about the safety of users!

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Published on:
Sep 7, 2022
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